Case Study 2:

Travel and Leisure

A common challenge for international companies is combining different platforms and operating systems to deliver a seamless customer experience.  Through our friendly investigative approach we provide tailored database marketing solutions to drive loyalty and repeat purchase across all markets.

A traveller often spans two countries, if not more, so all the usual database management and direct marketing challenges have the new consideration of location of the customer.

  • Which market owns a customer – the country of residency, the booking office, or the country of destination?
  • How is duplicate customer registration managed across different markets?
  • Which countries data protection legislation prevails? And how does this differ from country of data collection to country of usage?
  • Which communications should be directed at the country of residency and which at the country of destination?

Database Vision excels at engaging with key internal departments to establish their needs and challenges, and to obtain an exact picture of the customer journey and how the customer data is captured and treated at every stage of the process.

By acquiring this knowledge, we can help our clients to establish common core protocols across different offices, to establish a common database structure, whilst allowing each department and market the flexibility to manage and communicate with their customers in the appropriate manner to suit their language, market and culture.