Loyalty services

When growing a business, it is often easier to target individuals who have already purchased from you, rather than finding entirely new customers.

Our team has over fifteen years of experience specifying, developing and managing global and international loyalty programmes. This means that we can advise you on techniques that will allow you to ensure that you are getting the most from your existing customer base.

It is a sad fact that companies in many industries use formulaic techniques that are copies of those used by their competitors. However, our team has experience across several industries, which means that we are in a unique position to suggest new techniques that will differentiate you from others in your sector.

At the heart of our approach, is the analysis of the customer journey, and study of your transactional data. By doing this, we can help you recognise and respond appropriately to your customers’ behaviours, needs and desires.

One of the key concepts we work with is that of triggers; things that happen to your customers that you should be responding to. Sometimes this means that you need the ability to contact your customers with the same messages at different times; in such cases, our Production Services can be of assistance.


  • Development of a digital platform for cost effective, yet individualised subscription renewals
  • Transition of international direct marketing programmes from the USA to the UK to save transit times to customers and reduce postage and production costs
  • Commercial expansion of an international leisure club
  • Our Case Studies show more examples of what we have achieved for different companies.


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