Database consulting

We understand that setting up and maintaining a single view customer database can seem a difficult task, and that talk of ‘databases’ can appear daunting.

But the value of your customer database is the information in it, not just the computer programme itself, and this is enhanced by the ability of those working with it to get the information they need and by those who keep it up to date.

Whether you already have a single view customer database or are just setting one up, Database Vision has a track record in helping companies understand their customers and create increased value from the information they hold about them.

Our consultancy can help develop communication strategies, enhance customer journeys and help you create more effective customer segments.

Setting up a customer database?

  • Determine what information to collect
  • Evaluate suppliers
  • Help you manage your data, and keep it up to date

Improving an existing customer database?

  • Evaluate your platform
  • Troubleshoot databases that do not deliver
  • Scaling from single territories to a global database

In our experience many databases fail to deliver because the Marketing, IT and Production departments fail to understand what each other needs. We provide a bridge between all areas. We are Marketing qualified, Production practitioners and are experienced in communicating system logic and database architecture to IT programmers.


  • Specification, selection and management of supplier for a major corporation’s Single Customer View Database
  • Assessment of an existing UK Single Customer View Database for global development
  • Troubleshooting of a customer database that was not delivering the expected results
  • Evaluation of an existing in house database platform, especially considering its ability to deliver marketing objectives
  • Our Case Studies show more examples of what we have achieved for different companies.


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