Case Study 3:


Database Vision has worked with some of the largest publishing houses in the UK and is known for developing new and dynamic solutions tailored to the reader and the publication. 

With expertise in subscription acquisition and renewals, for both business and consumer publications, Database Vision use their database, production and project planning skills to propose solutions that are implemented efficiently and within budget.  We train our clients so that knowledge is transferred and fully supported.

Database Visions marketing experience is based in three main areas Loyalty, Database and Production and all three areas come together for our publishing clients.

“Loyalty is earned, not bought” Subscription renewals are often treated as the poor cousin to acquisition – the best offers are made to the new subscriber (gifts and discounted rates) and loyalty is seldom rewarded.  Database Vision uses their experience of working on loyalty programmes to help publishers to identify the right offer for the right group of people to lift and maintain retention rates without compromising their bottom line.

“Know your database; know your subscriber” There is often little differentiation between the marketing messages to gifted and personal subscriptions or those to paid and controlled circulation.  Database Vision will help you to see the human stories within your data, giving you an understanding of why your subscribers are staying or churning, helping you to use the right data to generate the right message, growing your subscription base and controlling churn.

“Improve efficiency and save on distribution costs” Database Vision has over 30 years’ experience in data driven direct marketing and campaign planning.  One of the first companies to initiate digital print platforms for use in subscription renewals, Database Vision helped their clients to reduce the costs of production whilst creating a platform capable of dynamic messaging to suit each segment.

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