Case Study 1:

Gateway to Europe

Cross boundary marketing can be daunting – not only are you dealing with different languages, but also with different cultures.  With almost 20 years of international marketing expertise, Database Vision has strong international direct marketing knowledge and has experience in supporting global organisations to establish their gateway into European markets.

For the past 18 years Database Vision has provided production and data support services to a full service marketing agency based in the USA, with a prestigious global client portfolio.  Working closely with the American team we have helped them to transition direct marketing campaigns from the USA to Europe, tailoring the operation to suit the local markets across Europe.

Database Vision became this agencies UK portal into Europe, providing conversion of US print, personalisation and direct marketing briefs to suit the UK platforms and the European markets.  Set up and managing local supply networks and taking each project from brief to execution.  Knowledge of the infrastructure of European markets has enabled Database Vision to recommend the best opportunities to save costs and achieve the best response rates.

In Summary: Database Vision has over 25 years’ experience of understanding customer behaviour, local infrastructure, multiple language and currencies and local market trends.  We can give American and multi-national clients and agencies a production service foothold in the UK and be the production and postal gateway project managers into Europe. We can also provide consultancy to agency and companies who wish to explore customer opportunities in Europe.