Case Study 5:

B2B Data Models

Most data models are based on consumer logic.  Business to business models require a combination of company and individual logic.

Database Vision has experience in developing bespoke B2B data models that address the complex issues of applying the correct logic to individual, company and job roles. 

As Business databases combine information that belongs to the company, the individual and the role that they perform, it is essential to set the correct rules.  For example …

  • Turnover and Industry classifications belong to a Company
  • Budget and number of reports belong to a Job
  • Qualifications belong to an Individual

It is important to understand that individuals take actions according to their personal interests and career objectives, or because they are doing a specific job or working on a specific project, or because they are working within a specific industry.

When developing your database you need to understand the value of the data that you are collecting and where each element belongs.  This helps you to protect the integrity of your database and guides you to develop the right communication strategy for the company, the job and the individual.

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